Get An Approved Adsense fast Here’s How

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I’ve got my approved adsense account long before I dwelt on blogging,in fact I didn’t know anything about what adsense is and that it is owned by Google,sounds ridiculous?read on…

Three years ago I became very active on “get paid to site” scheme like ptc,complete surveys ptr or paid to read and there was one thread on one of my get paid to forum about how to make money on a particular site by using adsense,
The thread is compelling enough to made me sign up.What with a lot of members testifying their earning increased by as much as 50-100% or additional $20 -30 on their dashboard
I never bother to read anything about adsense and what’s all about I’m more interested on how to contribute to the site since they are the one who’ll help me to make money
you see I’m desperately on a hunt for a scheme that would give me my first funds on my paypal then..

The site i’m talking about is XOMBA an adsense revenue sharing site where you can write contents for their site and they will split the adsense ads by 50-50 so if your contents generate a click coming from the adsense ads showing within your content you’ll earn 50% of the cost of the ads,

The site is very much legit and acknowledged by the Adsense networks,I immediately go to work by submitting two articles and do comments on other post on xomba after 24 hours used the xomba referral links to sign up to adsense…I have followed all the instructions there
and after 48 hours got my approved adsense account I don’t think it’s that hard til I found out that many webmasters are complaining of getting their adsense rejected,a good numbers have tried twice or thrice but not getting a good results..surprisingly some of them had a great site to speak of…

An effective Formula ..
After successfully getting an adsense using this method or “shortcut” I’ve adviced some of my friends to do the same but I also advice to take it seriously because adsense will disable your account if you’re not accumulating impressions and clicks from your ads..
As of this writting it never failed us eight of my friends got their’s,one of my friend got his after 8 hours of submittign his application..

Make sure to provide the correct information when signing up this is Google and no one’s messing up with them…

As much as possible read the tos of XOMBAbefore submitting contents..the contents must be live at the time the adsense team is reviewing your application two or three post are good enough but add more activities on xomba by doing comments on topics to be safe

This made me think I’m undeed a lucky guy or am I?for one whole year I forgot I had an adsense account and a I must do something worthwhile to at least earn even a penny here but when I read the payout threshold is at $100 it made me think it’s not a ptc after all that’s also the time I became interested in blogging and in adsense ..

After dwellling on adsense and blogging I have increase and optimized my earnings I am about to receive my first check next month hopefully…

Yes adsense works,it only works if you make it work for you by finding guys like Joel Comm who’s helping people to make money on adsense and implementing what they’re preaching

Hope this post help you get an adsense account fast and please subscribe and share this post

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