How True Is The Facebook Monthly Fee?

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The news now is very viral,and that is there is going to have a facebook monthly fee and you’re going to have to shelve out $2.99 a month so you can continue to play games update your status and chat with your friends..

But is this news really true did Mark Zuckerberg really made that announcement and who really started this facebook monthly fee viral news..

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Facebook monthly fee true or just a joke?

The truth is it is just a big joke and there is no truth about this report,Mark Zuckerberg never made that announcement the site that started it all was Wikipedia the most reliable site reviewer classified as a satirical website..

National Report ( is a satirical news website. It is published by Allen Montgomery


It is just so funny many facebook users share that report without first investigating how true the report are..

Part of that post that I really don’t like is

“For those who can’t manage the cost, we’ve made it real simple. In a new status update, copy and paste the words, ‘I AM POOR FACEBOOK PLEASE WAIVE MY MONTHLY FEE’. Make sure you include the hashtag #FacebookMonthlyFee. This will inform the Facebook billing department to waive any fees associated with your account. Unfortunately for free users, access to all Facebook games will no longer be available.” – See more at:


So only the ones who can afford that facebook monthly fee can use all of facebook features and if you can’t afford that facebook monthly fee you have to post on your wall that you are poor,there is a sort of discrimination along the line..

Majority of the people who commented on that report show negative reaction on their comments which is expected since facebook is already generating billions on dollars of profit from their advertisers and upgrades fee from their application ..

If they implement that facebook monthly fee this could mean an additional billions of dollars of revenue from this very popular social networking site and there’s a big possibilities that the others social like twitter and instantgram will follow this strategy..

In my opinion in case this report is true this could harm it’s membership and people might consider transferring to their competitor which is Google plus which also offer similar features like facebook is giving out to it’s members..

Let’s admit we need facebook in our lives and in some way facebook helped us and they still do in communicating with our friends and relatives wherever facebook is available besides getting hooked on their games and applications..

See this video about this report they are showing Mark Zuckerberg but not their facebook official fanpage for an announcement..

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